4 qawra palace мальта - Qawra Palace Hotel 4(Мальта) – Отзывы - TripAdvisor

4 qawra palace мальта - Qawra Palace Hotel 4(Мальта) – Отзывы - TripAdvisor 4 qawra palace мальта - Qawra Palace Hotel 4(Мальта) – Отзывы - TripAdvisor 4 qawra palace мальта - Qawra Palace Hotel 4(Мальта) – Отзывы - TripAdvisor

Мальта, Qawra (Аура)

Описание отеля:

Этот отель популярен среди русских туристов и славится своим удобным расположением, наличием собственного пляжа, отличной кухней. Аура Палас является сравнительно недорогим отелем, что объясняется отсутствием фена и прямого телефона в номерах. Отсюда открывается великолепный вид на залив Салина. В этом отеле все создано для того, чтобы гости могли полностью отдохнуть и расслабиться. Туристам понравится прекрасная атмосфера, царящая в отеле. Аура Палас расположен на самом побережье, всего в нескольких шагах от баров, ресторанов и магазинов.
We decided on the qara Palace hotel after my parents and sister went there for 2 weeks two months before we did
It came highly reccomended so we decided to go
On arrival the hotel seems very clean and the reception was very nice
There was also a bar/sandwich shop joined to the hotel
We got there about 30 minutes early and had to wait for a room
The first room we got put into was on the ground floor around the back with the lawyer and staff rooms
When we got in it was filthy and there were sockets dangling off the wall with 4 single beds (for a married couple) and mold all over the walls
We opened the 'balcony' and right outside was the air conditioning duct for all the coplex
We refused this and the receptionist was very rude, however we finally got moved to a better rom
4 qawra palace мальта room was only ok (but clean) and I would guess it would be about a 2* (maximum 3*) room in the UK
The staff were a mix and some were very nice while the receptionist and some waiters were very rude and while I was talking to one member of staff another started pushing me out of the way with a service trolly while he tried to pass
The food was ok (I liked the breakfast very much) but it obviously is for tourists as it was your usual meant and 2 veg
However it was fine and we were not ill at all from eating it
The pool was very clean however we only used it once as just to the fornt of the hotel was the bay where you could jump from the edge into the sea
This was what saved the holiday as my wife and I both really enjoyed this and we went snorkaling nearly every day, it was just fantastic
As 4 qawra palace мальта everything else there, they had wifi which we paid for, but it did not work
I am an IT Technician and know that the problem was their end, but it did not get fixed at all
However there was an internet room in the hotel which we paid to use, which was fine (apart from most of the PCs did not work)
As you will see from my review of the location, we loved Malta and Qawra was great, it was simply the hoel which let it down
As it turns out my parents booked with Thompsons and we booked on our own
They obvisouly got better treatment and were put in a much better part of the hote, so my advice would be if you want to stay here, book with a travel agent so you can complain if things are not good

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